#! James “ec0” Hebden

  • Hacker, Shaper of Metal & Wood, Baker.
  • I aim to be humble, kind and patient in all things.
  • Amatuer brewing & blacksmithing & grilling. Food & drink lyfe. I own an axe I done made myself. I hand-saw my lumber.
  • Journeyman hardware hacker and general electronics. Started with Dick Smith’s books and kits in the early 90’s, blew more tiny ICs up from there. Eurorack, SDR and embedded device enthusiast.
  • Professional systems geek. BSD and Linux ❤️, I’ve herded Windows a fair bit too.
  • Computer networking is an expression of humanity’s need for connectedness and I’ve always been drawn toward networks. Interested in all things 802.11, RF, wired, mesh-nerd.
  • Sustainability focused. This planet is rarer than any of us. Nothing matters if you can’t breath the air or drink the water.
  • Nerd with opinions, but softly spoken. Feedback always welcome.